MOTOO and Smartpoint started working together in November 2015 when we provided event management and production services, and during the April of 2016 we started planning and developing the communication strategy with focus on social media. Facebook communication was started, all the activities from the previous year were continued and the collaboration was expanded to consulting services for internal communications.


MOTOO Auto Servis is a network of independent auto service in Serbia that operates under the German franchise concept. This concept was developed in 2005 in Germany, and with constant improvement and expanding, today brings together more than 190 services and 60 smaller companies that service almost all brands of vehicles. From mid-2014 until today, this network in Serbia have joined 34 professional service and car center that meet the technical and organizational standards, which are the guarantee to drivers that their vehicles have quality spare parts by renowned manufacturers. At the same time, these car sevices are able to use the knowledge and experience of the German market, which gives them the possibility of continuous quality improvement business. Find out more here: