We started working with Microsoft in August of 2016, when we were hired as sales support. With the goal of educating customers about importance of buying legal software, as well as the benefits it brings, our consultants achieved great results in some of the busiest stores. Compared to the same period last year, sales per hour was increased by 250%.


Microsoft is a world leader in software, devices and solutions that help private and business users to realize their full potential. Belgrade office was established in 2002, when Serbia Government representatives signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in the field of IT with Bill Gates. This strategic partnership represented base of long-term cooperation, with the aim to stimulate scientific and technological development at all levels in Serbia. Since its founding, local Microsoft office has achieved remarkable results in development of the local IT market. In first wave of legalization campaign Microsoft software was licensed on 30,000 computers in public administration, while the company has donated software packages for 50,000 computers to academic institutions.